SquaredLabs Ecosystem: From Hedging to Speculation

There are tons of undiscovered application that can be built on top of Potentia Protocol

Short-Term Hedges: Navigating Market Volatility

Power perpetuals are great for short-term hedging. They help traders protect their portfolios from temporary downturns or take advantage of short-term price movements without the risk of liquidation.

Automated Trading: Harnessing the Power of Algorithms

SquaredLabs offers tools for automated trading with power perpetuals. Traders can create custom algorithms to exploit market inefficiencies, execute complex trading strategies, and manage risk effectively.

Perpetual Routing: Seamless Cross-Asset Trading

Perpetual routing lets power pool owners trade their power perpetuals against any other asset within the SquaredLabs protocol. This makes it easy for traders to switch between different power perpetuals and other assets, opening up new opportunities and improving market liquidity. Read, learn, discover and join SquaredLabs through, White-Paper, Website, Discord, Twitter, Telegram.

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